Pinch of Clay

Here I am pouring dirt into a sieve during a one-day archaeology dig in Maresha, Israel. Spring 2000.

Clay. The land of Israel is littered with it. Millions of shards of pottery that whisper of ancient people and their everyday lives. Could there be any better metaphor for something brief and ordinary?

Yesterday, as I was preparing for Wednesday Night Bible Study,  I came across a verse in the Book of Job I’d never seen before. Elihu says, Behold, I am toward God as you are; I too was pinched off from a piece of clay” (Job 33:6).

You and I are nothing but clay. Humble, fragile, and quickly forgotten. But in the hands of a Perfect Potter, we become useful, dignified, even priceless.

I’d already been thinking of changing things up on my blog, and when I saw this verse, I knew it was time.  My heart still beats for church revitalization and leadership development. But looking at my schedule, I can see God has not called me (at this stage anyway) to spend a lot of time blogging about ministry training and leadership development. There are other sites such as and that tackle the subject far better than I could.

So I’m closing up shop at my old blog, “Pass the Cloak.” All those articles have been copied over to this site and are still available to view. This blog, however, returns to the original meaning of a “blog.” It is a “web log.” A journal, of sorts. Simple thoughts from an ordinary pastor, serving the Great Potter. Nothing too polished or refined here. Just the sort of thing you’d expect from a pinch of clay.