Advantages of a Small Church

My wife and I both grew up in small churches, and I pastor one now. I’ve long felt they are overlooked and misunderstood in ministry training and support.

Most small churches, I think, struggle with an inferiority complex, looking with a certain degree of envy at their “big brother” down the street (or on YouTube, or the radio, or conferences). Big churches appear successful (“They must be doing something right to attract all those people!”). Small churches draw looks of sympathy.

But let us not forget the majority of churches in America, and throughout church history, have been small churches. It appears Christ will always accomplish a large amount of kingdom work through small churches.

In a 2014 Shepherds Conference workshop entitled “Small Church: Big Impact,” Lance Quinn shared several advantages to a small church. These include:

  • Small churches should be able to do a few things well.
    • They are able to more effectively know and care for the entire body.
    • They can more effectively practice the one-another’s of scripture.
    • They can be easier to manage due to a lack of complexity.
    • It is possible to know and affirm leaders in a more intimate way.
    • They can be a close-knit body of prayer warrior.

Question: Do you agree with these points? What advantages would you add to the list?