Under New Management

Struggling with a bad habit? Maybe it’s alcohol, or gambling, or pornography, or an out-of-control temper.

Many professing Christians assume that having been saved, the battle with sin is now over. Sure, they try to avoid a few “really bad” sins. But exempt from eternal punishment, they are pretty much free to live however they want.

This is a serious misunderstanding of God’s grace, leading to many bad habits. It gives Satan a foothold into our lives and lets sin ascend back onto the throne of our hearts.

In our latest podcast, we learn from Romans 6:12-19 that salvation is not so much a declaration of independence (allowing us to live however we want) as it is a transfer of ownership (from the bondage of sin to the righteous rule of Christ). Only when we view ourselves as slaves of Christ will we be able to overcome the bondage of sin.

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